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JackJack is a fisherman and poet. He is roughly 15cm across his belly and 60cm tall including his hat.£35 + £5 P&P


RubyRuby is currently building a spaceship in her garden and is planning on taking her friends on holiday to the moon when it's finished. She stands at roughly 60cm tall but much prefers sitting and is roughly 15cm wide.£35 + £5 P&P


BrendaBrenda won Miss Cornwall in 1976. She is 25cm across and 55cm from the tip of her hat to her toes. Because of her size she makes a very good doorstop or bookend.£35 + £5 P&P


JasperJasper is the strong, silent type. He roughly stands at 40cm when he is on tip toes and is a very slimline 12cm across.£25 + £5 P&P


DerekDerek is a festival veteran, he can remember when Glastonbury was free. He is roughly 55cm tall and has the very ample waistline of 25cm.£35 + £5 P&P


CliveClive is a keen naturist but knows there's a time and a place. He keeps himself trim for his holidays and measures roughly 15cm across and 60cm tall.£35 + £5 P&P


DaphneDaphne is recently divorced and looking for Mr Right. She is small but beautifully formed at 15cm across and 20cm tall.£25 + £5 P&P


PatsyPatsy recently tried speed dating but said it wasn't really her thing. She stands at roughly 60cm tall without heels and is 15 cm across.£35 + £5 P&P


MarthaMartha is built for comfort, not speed. She is as tall as she is round measuring 25cm by 25cm.£25 + £5 P&P


LilyLily loves sleeping under the stars. She is a petite creature measuring roughly 12cm by 35cm.£25 + £5 P&P


PeggyPeggy was a real looker in her day. She is never seen without her floral headscarf and full make-up. She is 30 cm tall and 12 cm accross.£25 + £5 P&P


DanielDaniel was a known trouble maker in his youth but now prefers the quiet life. He is 12cm across and 35cm tall.£25 + £5 P&P


DorisDoris once won a hot-dog eating competition. She roughly measures 20cm across her very big belly and is 40cm when standing up straight.£25 + £5 P&P
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